What Is Assistive Technology About Anyway?

In late September, USA Today published a supplement about assistive technology in select media markets across the country. The article talked about how many people across the country use assistive technology but don’t consider themselves to have disabilities. It made me wonder if people really understand what assistive technology is about.

Think about this:

All of these technologies were first developed for people with disabilities to increase their independence of daily living, but people who do not consider themselves disabled also use these technologies.

Eventually, we all start to losing mobility and or strength. Some of us will need canes, walkers, or wheelchairs. Some of us will need technology that is still in the development stage. We all know technology never stands still for long. What does the future look like to help us maintain our mobility and independence? It may be about robot suits with exoskeletons that can pick up signals from the brain to get our bodies to do what we need them to do, you never know!

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Suzanne Sykes
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President, Combined Services, Inc.

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We came for a pediatric wheelchair. We have been unsuccessful in getting what our son needs due to bureaucracy of insurance companies and vendors thinking just about the money and not the child. I came here and they were friendly, and helpful and non-intimidating.

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