Two Men and a Truck Transport Medical Equipment to Houston

Two Men and a Truck of Tucker has offered to partner with FODAC by providing in-kind transportation to deliver a full load of home medical equipment from our warehouse in Stone Mountain to a distribution warehouse FODAC is managing in partnership with a coalition in Houston, Texas.  These items will be given to those affected by Hurricane Harvey.  The 26-foot box truck left FODAC this morning , September 19th, and is expected to arrive in Houston Wednesday evening, September 20th. Cameras from WSB-TV and anchor and reporter Linda Stouffer caught the send-off with a story expected in the near future.

FODAC began this effort by making itself available to ship needed DME or assign our disaster relief staff in Houston to help coordinate the DME relief efforts. FODAC increased our disaster relief efforts after sending six containers to the areas affected by Hurricane Katrina. Soon after the relief efforts slowed down in that disaster, we realized we should have sent our staff who have expertise in managing DME staging and distribution. FODAC staff are continually on the ground in Houston, rotating staff every two weeks into October to help make sure all efforts are moving forward and connecting with disaster relief staff from the Red Cross, FEMA and other statewide and national partners.

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“This equipment (Rifton prone stander) will be extremely helpful for my son. The location is very convenient and they were prompt about getting the equipment for me. I was not able to get the equipment so fast anywhere else. The use of the equipment was explained to me very well.”

Ramando MillerStone Mountain, Georgia
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