Stone Mountain Park –Herschend Family Entertainment

Stone Mountain Park –Herschend Family Entertainment

Michael Dombrowski
General Manager

1000 Robert E. Lee Blvd
Stone Mountain, GA 30083


A message from Michael Dombrowski, General Manager, Stone Mountain Park

Why do you support FODAC?

FODAC stood out to us because it is a locally based charity that serves people in our nearby community who often get overlooked. The shear cost of medical equipment can be challenging for some and we wanted to support FODAC’s efforts to fill that void.

What does Stone Mountain Park do for the community?

Stone Mountain Park is a tremendous place for recreation and family gatherings. We strive to help make more time, family time.

Services that Stone Mountain Park offers:

Stone Mountain Park is Georgia’s most popular attraction and one of the top historical attractions in the U.S.  Home to the world’s largest freestanding piece of exposed granite, Stone Mountain Park also features a historical Memorial Carving which is the world’s largest relief sculpture. The 3,200-acre park includes more than a dozen attractions, the world famous Laser show Spectacular, two Marriott hotels, Georgia’s largest campground, two championship golf courses, festivals and events, and expansive natural woodlands with hiking trails.

Stone Mountain Park is the perfect setting for FODAC’s Run, Walk & Roll every Spring.


“We are familiar with the good work FODAC does. Their generosity has helped us when our finances would not allow us to purchase a wheelchair at this time.”

Margie GosnellTucker, Georgia
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