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Janice Vinson

Kids ‘R’ Kids International
1625 Executive Drive South
Duluth, GA  30096


A message from Kids ‘R’ Kids from Janice Vinson, Co Creator/Owner of Kids ‘R’ Kids International, Inc. Director of Marketing and Brand Management .

Why do you support FODAC?

My husband and I knew Jack Ballard while we attended Mount Carmel Christian Church when we were a young couple. Reverend Ballard helped the founders, Ed and Annie Butchart, incorporate FODAC with his financial support. He was impressed with the help they were providing the community by repairing used wheelchairs for the disabled, young and old. With the respect we had for Reverend Ballard, we wish to help with the financial support FODAC needs to carry out their daily mission work.

What does Janice and Pat Vinson and Kids ‘R’ Kids do for the community?

My husband and co-founder of Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academies, was born with a purpose from God. Pat’s heart is the biggest I’ve ever seen and once we married, our love for all children grew. We both operated our first preschool in Decatur, Georgia called Kiddie City Day Nursery which opened in 1961. Our preschool was not an ordinary preschool, but extraordinary. Not only was Kiddie City a safe place for children to be while their parents were working, but it was a fun, happy and joyful place where every child knew they were loved.

Tell us about the services that Kids ‘R’ Kids offers:

Once we sold Kiddie City in 1984, we moved closer to our home and my husband designed a brand new type of preschool that was open and bright and built specifically for children. We carried our philosophy from Kiddie City into Kids ‘R’ Kids, and as the years passed, more education and parent involvement became important as well. Today we have 160 preschools in 15 states and recently opened a corporate office in Beijing. Now my son and daughter, David and Darlene, and David’s wife Sasha are part of the company; and Darlene’s son has recently joined the Education Department, helping with the administration of our curriculum. It’s definitely a family affair, and our franchisees who work day in and day out in their schools absolutely love what they do, and the positive impact they help make for families and children in their communities is their mission.


This wheelchair will allow me to be more independent and allow for me to go to work and be more efficient. It will allow me to be more dependable.

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