Why does AmeriGlide of Marietta support FODAC?

AmeriGlide of Marietta seeks to partner with providers in the aging and disability industry who share a similar focus, that of addressing the basic and hi-tech equipment needs of individuals struggling to maintain independence safely and with cost efficiency.  FODAC excels in that arena by donating refurbished medical and durable medical equipment at a nominal cost to the participant. As needs continue to grow given the aging of the population, AmeriGlide of Marietta and FODAC could work together to make an impactful difference in the lives of older adults and disabled fellow citizens in the State of Georgia.  AmeriGlide of Marietta and FODAC, working together and giving back to the community.



Tell us about the services that AmeriGlide of Marietta offers:

AmeriGlide of Marietta offers mobility and accessibility for people of all ages struggling with the challenges of moving safely and efficiently in their homes and in the community.  Stair lifts fitted for straight stairs or custom curve stair lifts may result in the person more fully enjoying their entire home.   If the person requires the lift for themselves and their mobility device, a good solution is a vertical platform lift.  Additional offerings include mobility scooters and lifts chairs professionally fitted to the individual’s height and weight.  AmeriGlide of Marietta recognizes that mobility and safety in the home are critical but there is a whole wide world out there beyond the walls of the home.  2020 reveals our expansion into handicapped accessible Chevrolet truck and Chevrolet Traverse vehicle conversions.  AmeriGlide of Marietta now serves mobility needs within the walls of a home and beyond.



At recess during school, Journee is not able to play with the equipment. By having a hand-propelled trike, Journeewill be able to play and socialize with her peers. Being able to play will give Journee a lot more confidence with herself.

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