Save Patient Access! Shut Down the Switchboard!

GAMES members Todd Tyson of Hi-Tech Healthcare and Kevin Gaffney of Medtrade will be in DC this week carrying the message straight to Congress – Medicare Competitive Bidding must be stopped!! They are visiting as many offices of Georgia Representatives and Senators as possible! Won’t you help them convey this message?
Save Patient Access!
“Shutdown the Switchboard”

4 Easy Steps to Participate in “Shutdown the Switchboard” February 26-27

Step 1: Call your member of Congress
On February 26-27 while fellow industry stakeholders are in DC meeting with members of Congress, your assistance is needed on the phone! Call the U.S. Capitol Switchboard at 202.224.3121 and join in the efforts of expressing your frustration about the current bidding program. Click here to view a list of all representative and senator’s district office numbers. If you do not know who your representative is, call the U.S. Capitol Switchboard and give your zip code to be transferred to your representative.

We are at that point where attention and support from legislators is critical in working to replace this flawed system. As an industry we need everyone’s help! Even if you are not able to make the trip to DC, the same impact can be delivered through a passionate phone call. Mark your calendars and get your dialing fingers ready to call your legislator February 26-27!

Below is a sample script to use at your convenience. If you have any personal stories about how your business is concerned about their future and the patients they serve due to the release of Round 2 prices please share them with your legislator.

“My name is (your name) and I’m from (your hometown). I own/work for (your company). Some of my fellow industry stakeholders are currently in DC speaking with their members of Congress about the faulty competitive bidding system. In conjunction with their efforts, I am calling to insist that Rep./Sen. (name) work to stop the current bidding program. This process encourages unethical manipulation of the bidding system by submitting a “low ball” bid in order to increase the probability of being awarded a contract. CMS has continued to deny industry and congressional requests for information pertaining to the methodology and specific factors used not only for Round 2, but for the Round 1 rebid which has been in place for over two years! Over 200 economists and auction experts agree the current system is flawed, and as an industry we have a solution. The Market Pricing Program (MPP) would address all of the critical problems while still setting fair market prices. I am requesting that Rep./Sen. (name) contact their respective leadership in the House and Senate and tell them that this program will hurt beneficiaries and providers and it needs to be stopped. Thank you.”

Invite Congressmen and staff to attend the Industry Reception on Wednesday from 6:00pm – 8:00pm in Dirksen building room 430. CLICK HERE for the invitation details.

Step 2: Sign petition to repeal bidding program
A New York Medical Equipment Providers Association (NYMEP) member developed a petition to repeal the bidding program on the White House’s website. 100,000 signatures are needed before the White House looks at the request to repeal the bidding program. Please pass this message to other industry stakeholders.

To view the petition and add your signature click here.

Step 3: Tell others to “Shutdown the Switchboard”
Reach out to employees, referral sources, and competitors and urge them to call their member of Congress at 202.224.3121. Also, forward them the petition to and ask to add their name along with yours.

Step 4: Get your beneficiaries involved
The People for Quality Care brochure explains the Medicare competitive bidding program in simple terms for beneficiaries. Whether you display them on the front cover or give them to customers during deliveries, it will help to educate beneficiaries about the situation and encourage them to speak out to Congress. The best part is they are free to you! Preview the brochure here. Then contact Beth Cox at or 866-544-7913 with your address and the quantity you need, and we’ll send them directly to you.
Don’t leave Todd and Kevin hanging!!! Call your Senators and Representatives today!! Then call again tomorrow!!
CLICK HERE for a list of Georgia Congressional offices.

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