New policy on diapers

FODAC has decided to no longer issue diapers to our clients, due to the amount of time, data entry and lack of stock to meet the needs of our clients.  Beginning tomorrow, we will sell the diapers for $1.00/pkg. in the thrift store.  Any clients coming in the front for services for diapers, will be directed to the thrift store.  We understand that this may be a disappointment to some of our clients, but please let the new clients know that they will not have to pay the $25 registration fee.  Also the clients will be able to purchase as many as they want.  We will not sell the opened packages of diapers as they are not sanitary.

Children on Medicaid between the ages of 4-21  are eligible for free diapers. Call 888-799-3767 for details.

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Kaylee Hildebrandt using her positioning chair from FODACToday we picked up two items that Kaylee needs desperately, a lightweight stroller and a positioning chair. The stroller will be such an asset during public outings (and saves Mom and Dad’s back) and since Kaylee homeschools, the chair will be used for school work and feeding time.

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