New Partnership Benefits FODAC Clients In Assistive Technology

Greetings from Ryan and Stephanie at Chattahoochee Technical College’s Occupational Therapy Assistant Program! We’ll be doing fieldwork at Friends of Disabled Adults and Children for the next nine weeks. This is our first fieldwork experience in the program and we are excited to get started! We are here to assist FODAC with broadening the services that are provided through the Assistive Technology Program.

FODAC Partners

We’ll be focusing on education regarding different types of assistive technology. Many clients do not know what is available to them. Throughout our stay, we’ll complete demonstrations on a variety of assistive technology devices that aid people in everyday life activities. Topics we plan to demonstrate include:

In our partnership with FODAC, we will be identifying additional needs that clients are living with … and help provide an enhanced service to our client members who would benefit from assistive technology. We are already very impressed with FODAC and the people who work there every day. Everyone we’ve interacted with shows dedication and a passion to help their clients in any way possible.

We also plan to share our occupational therapy knowledge to build a client-centered assistive technology department that their clients will continue to benefit from long after we’re gone. We are grateful and excited to be working with an inspiring organization. Stay tuned for updates and announcements on the assistive technology department throughout the next nine weeks.


Ryan James, OTAS & Stephanie Simonson, OTAS


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“My son and I have problems with our back and he has a brain tumor and is starting to walk and he needs a walker. The one he has is not so stable so he needs another one. I have had surgical removal of kidney stones. I have trouble with my leg, knee, and hip so I need a walker to help me walk because of this. I called FODAC and they located two walkers and a raised toilet seat. They will be a great help to us. Thank you.”

Sandra KingAtlanta, Georgia
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