We’ve Come A Long Way Baby … Or Have We?

Five years ago, on July 26, 1990, the American Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed and became a historic civil rights act.

America has come a long way to make public transportation, schools, churches, sports stadiums and other public buildings accessible for people with disabilties. Friends of  Disabled Adults and Children is doing their part to make it possible for thousands of people to access essential home medical equipment like wheelchairs, scooters, hospital beds, lifts, and much more. People who do not have health insurance, whose deductibles and/or co-pays are extraordinarily high, or who must wait many months for Medicare/Medicaid benefits to start, are able to get equipment they need quicker and sometimes easier through FODAC. What a great service FODAC provides!

But there is still more to do. People with disabilities want the benefits, dignity and power of work. While buildings are far more accessible than they used to be for people with disabilities, we must also continue to fight for equal opportunity in the work place. Let’s help make the goals of ADA possible … help fight for more employment of people with disabilities.

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Rusty McKellar
FODAC Board Chairman





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I thank you so much for the addition of a ramp to my home. No longer will I be a “prisoner” of these walls! I feel as if I have another “NEW LEASE” on life and may come and go as I please, not to mention the safety factor as I will no longer have to wait and worry that there will be someone to help me. Thank goodness there are programs such as this helping people like me.
You will never know how much I appreciate this.

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