Jury Duty Pays! Thanks Wells Fargo!

Scott SchwartzHave you ever gone to the mailbox just to find out you have been selected for jury duty? If so, I bet your reaction was the same as mine. I kept thinking about how I could get out of my civic duty. Eventually, reality set in and I accepted my responsibility and headed to the Gwinnett County Justice & Administration building in Lawrenceville, GA.

If you have ever served jury duty, you know the goal is to not get picked for a trial. Well guess who did not meet their goal? Yep, I was selected for a trial. During the trial, 11 other jurors and myself were asked to listen to all the facts of the case, render and verdict. Remember, we are all innocent until proven guilty.

Throughout the trial, The jurors and I were frequently asked to adjourn to a private room while attorneys and judge could discuss the finer points of the case. During these adjournments, we all got to know each other. In a group conversation, I talked about my involvement with FODAC and the incredible work they do for those in need.

Little did I know that I caught the ear of a fellow juror, Debbie Kirkpatrick. A few weeks after jury duty, I received a call from Debbie. Debbie is the Branch Manager of the Wells Fargo at 2333 East Main Street in Snellville, GA. Wells Fargo was in the process of planning their 2015 Days of Giving Celebration. Several Wells Fargo branches identified over 50 non-profit organizations to honor and make a special donation. Through just a simple conversation during jury duty, Debbie and Wells Fargo chose FODAC!

On November 3rd, I attended the Wells Fargo 2015 Days of Giving Celebration to represent FODAC and proudly accept a check for $1,000! Don’t ever be guilty of not spreading the word about FODAC. You just never know who is listening!

Scott Schwartz
FODAC Board Member
Bullseye Auction & Appraisal

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