I Never Saw This Coming

By Kevin Riggs

FODAC President Chris Brand was giving a tour recently to a group of doctors from India. He was showing them some adaptive technology we have on display outside my office when one of them noticed me and came in to get a closer look.

Before long, the entire group was huddled around my desk to get a closer look, some grabbing their cell phones to take pictures.

“What is the attraction?” I wondered.

I posed that question to Chris later. As it turns out, they had never seen a power wheelchair before and, perhaps even more telling, they had never seen seen someone with a disability working.

I’ve had a full-time job at FODAC since it 1997 and I have to be reminded it is still the exception and not the rule. I wonder what my life would be like in another country. Would I be thrown in some institution? How many people of average or above average intelligence end up wasting away because no one.saw their potential…and how do we change that?

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This chair will help Jones be able to go to school and more around easily also will help his therapy and be able to stay among other children on the park or outside playing so he does not feel left out.

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