I Never Saw This Coming

By Kevin Riggs

FODAC President Chris Brand was giving a tour recently to a group of doctors from India. He was showing them some adaptive technology we have on display outside my office when one of them noticed me and came in to get a closer look.

Before long, the entire group was huddled around my desk to get a closer look, some grabbing their cell phones to take pictures.

“What is the attraction?” I wondered.

I posed that question to Chris later. As it turns out, they had never seen a power wheelchair before and, perhaps even more telling, they had never seen seen someone with a disability working.

I’ve had a full-time job at FODAC since it 1997 and I have to be reminded it is still the exception and not the rule. I wonder what my life would be like in another country. Would I be thrown in some institution? How many people of average or above average intelligence end up wasting away because no one.saw their potential…and how do we change that?

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Ramps for Champs

“This ramp will give me freedom. Freedom to enjoy the comforts of my home of 20 years as I did prior to my stroke. I have already experienced a greater appreciation of the compassion of others who have utilized their skills and energy to organize the efforts of FODAC. God bless you all.”

Evelyn Peavy
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