FODAC and GEMA Partner to Provide Disaster Relief to Disability Community

FODAC began getting more involved with providing HME for disaster relief after Katrina. We joined the Georgia VOAD volunteer organizations active in Disaster) and got involved with preparedness efforts after FEMA issued the Functional Needs Support Services mandate for all emergency managers to have some resources placed or under contract to assist with mobility devices, transportation and medical supplies to name a few.

FODAC pioneered the “disability shelter kit” in GA with the American Red Cross, and had all donated and refurbished equipment prepared to be distributed by FODAC personnel in case of an emergency. In 2012, GEMA was approached by FODAC to purchase and house the shelter kits at FODAC. In January 2013, GEMA did sign a contract with FODAC to be the Statewide distributor of HME and assistive technology in the event of a large general population shelter opening for an emergency. GEMA also plans to do emergency management training workshops at FODAC to give practical examples of HME use and how to manage during an emergency. Angela Barton of GEMA said “Georgia is now one of the leading states that is not in a direct risk zone that is most prepared for the physically disabled.”

FODAC now wishes to get signed Memorandum’s of Understanding from regional DME companies that agree to assist with matching donated DME to the user’s if a disaster happens in their area. Please contact Chris Brand at to get more information.

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Your program is God sent, had it not been for the social worker I would have never heard of it. To God be the glory. Thanks 100 percent.

Mary Jackson
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