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Hello Everyone,
As many of you know, NRRTS, NCART, manufacturers, and many industry professionals have been working hard to develop legislation to create a separation of benefits for those individuals requiring complex rehabilitation equipment. Our bill, Ensuring Access to Quality Complex Rehabilitation Technology Act of 2012 (HR4378) has been introduced and we are looking for additional co-sponsors. We presently have 14 co-sponsors for our bill, but we are in need of many more if we want to get this bill passed.

CLICK HERE for a one page summary of the bill. I would greatly appreciate your help on 3 fronts:

1. Follow this link and sign the petition supporting HR4378: or go through the NRRTS website at and follow the prompts.

2. Send the link to all of your clients, patients, associations, etc. and ask them to sign the petition.

3. If you are a manufacturer or another provider, would you please consider adding the link to the petition to your website?

NRRTS Board members are returning to Washington in September, to call on our representatives and lobby for support. We would have a much more powerful stance if we had thousands of signatures to carry with us.

Our patients/consumers have seen drastic cuts in services over the past few years. More is coming, and it won’t be pretty. We must get CMS to acknowledge the special need our complex patients have and provide them with access to better quality service and equipment. Even if you work with pediatric patients, passage of this bill will help. As goes Medicare, Medicaid and other insurances follow.

Please take 60 seconds to sign the petition. Take another couple of minutes to email all your colleagues and patients. Don’t think you don’t have time. If we don’t get this legislation passed, that may be all you are have. PLEASE HELP, and THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!

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Your program is God sent, had it not been for the social worker I would have never heard of it. To God be the glory. Thanks 100 percent.

Mary Jackson
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