Career Opportunities at FODAC

Job Openings:

Job Title:       Director of Administration and Operations

Category:       Full Time


Purpose:  Coordinate the daily operation of the FODAC facility and staff including the H.R. duties for staff, volunteers, and community service workers to accomplish the FODAC mission and goals. Manage outside partnerships and special projects to ensure each service program’s goals and objectives are accomplished. Oversee procurement and facility repairs/enhancements are in alignment with goals


Major Duties:



Salary and Benefits:

Application Process:

Job Title:         Cashier

Category:         Part-Time

Purpose: To provide assistance to the thrift store manager


Major Duties

  1. Operate cash register as directed by thrift store manager.  Follow color discount process.  Cashiers are not allowed to give discounts that do not follow FODAC thrift store guidelines.
  2. Manage thrift store in manager’s absence which  includes customer service and closing down the cash register at the end of the day.
  3. Price and display items as needed, per FODAC guidelines
  4. Keep cash register area clean and neat

Minimum Qualifications

Education:        High School educated or GED equivalent desired.

Experience:       One year experience in retail desired.

Skills:               Ability to operate a cash register and interact in a pleasant and friendly manner with customers.

Application Process:



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